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FILM Suffolk partners with

Many local filmmakers will know of the pain of needing to go to London in order to hire cameras and other filming equipment.

Another half-day spent driving kit around after a strenuous shoot... Nobody needs that!

Thankfully the clever minds behind Gear Factory, a London-based rental house, have recognised this issue and they chose to do something about it!

Welcome MyKitPlace! A platform that allows kit owners anywhere in the country to rent out their gear to other filmmakers. It's an AirBnB for film gear, backed by the 'Verified by MyKitPlace" system which allows only trustworthy individuals to hire film gear.

Check out their page for East Anglia HERE

You can list anything, from DSLR cameras to Alexas, lighting gear, lenses and studio space. If you have a camera that only gets used for a few days each month, why not let it earn you money for the other days?

We at FILM Suffolk have had a great experience dealing with Gear Factory this summer and hence we are highly recommending their great, new online rental platform.

Ready to start listing your kit? SIGN UP HERE

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