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ITN advert shot in Felixstowe

In August FILM Suffolk were approached by ITN about some locations and extras that they needed for a commercial shoot in Felixstowe for the Merchant Navy. We found a suitable location and provided all the extras for this shoot with only very little time at hand.

Everlyn White, who played one of the featured extras said: "The company were so pleasant to work with- really friendly guys that always made sure we had enough food and water, places to relax between takes and we were even treated to a lovely lunch. Had a fantastic experience and very grateful for such a good team!"

Freelance Producer Richard Gay who led the production said:

"It was a real pleasure working with Nick and Julien at Film Suffolk - they really couldn't have been more helpful. Faced with an eye-wateringly short pre-production lead-in, they responded quickly and brilliantly to requests for cast, extras and locations. Their expertise and good humour made them great to work with and an excellent production resource."

Richard and their crew filmed at a variety of locations in Felixstowe as well as on one of the huge container ships anchored at the docks. The weather was sadly not the best, but the experienced crew created some stunning images.

Have a look!

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