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FILM Suffolk explores #TheOtherSide

During the summer of 2014 FILM Suffolk partnered up with Visit Suffolk to deliver 20 short films exploring the myths and legends of Suffolk. These were to serve as part of their new marketing campaign #TheOtherSide to feature prominently on their interactive web map at .

In accordance with our remit to strengthen the local film industry we distributed the work across 5 Suffolk-based production companies:

You can watch all the resulting short films HERE.

The films were launched at an unveiling event at Kesgrave Hall to a large audience of tourism partners from across the region. The films were very well received and featured until December on the Visit Suffolk's award-winning website.

Film and tourism are always a winning partnership that delivers brilliant results in spiking interest in a region. Film-induced tourism is a major influence in the tourism industry and millions of tourists worldwide choose their travel destination influenced by the portrayal of that destination in film and TV.

Suffolk is a big magnet for tourists and we hope to continue contributing to promoting this beautiful county as part of the work we do.

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