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CASTING CALL! Chinese feature looking for local actors

CASTING CALL - paid (low)

FILM Suffolk are working with a visiting production company to cast two supporting cast roles for an upcoming feature in Suffolk: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

'Grandest Wedding of Royals' is a Chinese feature film going into production this month in Suffolk.

The film is a romantic action story about two secret agents, Summer and Xiao, who start out as enemies, and yet throughout the course of their mission begin to fall for each other and eventually must join forces to stop an even greater enemy from destroying their agencies.

We are looking to cast two supporting roles for this production.



1. Wolf (male, 18-22 years old) - Caucasian - "boy band" look

Young, brash and handsome. Xiao’s confidant and right hand man. He can be humorous and cheeky at times but does take his job seriously. Very protective of his boss and will fight for his honour. -ideally with some hand to hand combat experience-

2. Ming (the baddie): (male, mid 20s to mid 30s) - Caucasian or Chinese-Asian

Mysterious and unapologetic, Ming has only one thing on his mind and that’s to steal the secret chip and kill Xiao. He is the sort of man that when you look into his eyes he can look right through you and render you helpless. Come across him in a fight and it may be the last breath you take. -The actor MUST have stage/film fighting experience- ________

The filming dates in Suffolk will be between the 16th March and 2nd April and we would require these two actors to be available for around 6-7 days of filming, plus days for rehearsals in the week prior to the shoot. We are looking to hold auditions this coming Sunday (11th March).

Since this is an online film which is being financed and released China the production budget is relatively low, but all actors are being paid the same standard fee which is £90 per day. Full set catering is provided to all cast and crew on shoot days.

This will be a very interesting project and potentially great exposure for the actors in China, since the film is based on a Chinese comic book which has a huge following already.

If you are interested in applying please email Production Manager Nick Woolgar - (CVs, headshots and showreel links where available please)

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