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Public script reading at IPSWICH FILM DAY

Have you written a screenplay?

Ever wondered what it would sound and look like when performed by actors?

Send your screenplay in to FILM Suffolk and a scene or short sequence of your choice could be workshopped by actors in front of an audience at the IPSWICH FILM DAY on 15th June 2014.

How it will work:

  • Your screenplay will be given to our team of actors on the day

  • You will be invited to introduce the story of your screenplay up to the point of the scene of short sequence that is going to be performed

  • Our performers will then enact the scene

  • The audience will fill out a small feedback form – this can be VERY useful

  • A video of the performance will be uploaded to the internet over the following week, password protected – you can choose whether to make it public


  • Your chosen sequence can be either from a short or a feature film

  • Your chosen sequence must be no more than FIVE PAGES LONG

  • Your screenplay must be presented in standard industry format

  • The audience will be comprised of members of the public and the actors will be performing ad hoc on stage, so use some common sense in terms of the sequence you choose: no excessive swearing, no sex, no prolonged scenes of action, violence or offensive behaviour

Send in your screenplay to and clearly indicate the scene & pages you would like to be workshopped.

DEADLINE: 10th June

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