Production Support Services

Production Support Services

If you are planning to shoot in the region of Suffolk, North Essex or Norfolk, we can support your production with the best of lour local resources and an experienced production support team.

Local Production Managers

Local Production Managers

We can give you access to Unit Production Managers and Location Liaison Officers with extensive local knowledge and strong industry experience

Local services at local prices

Local services at local prices

We have established a strong network of local service providers and suppliers to ensure your production runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Fee negotiations and contracts

  • Site Surveys & Plans

  • Liaison with local council and police

  • Permits and Licenses

  • Liaison with local residents and businesses

  • Insurance

  • Parking suspensions

  • Coning & Street clearance

  • Road controls/ closures

  • Traffic management

  • Location Security

  • Crowd control

  • Technical parking permits

  • Crew parking

  • Unit Bases and Unit Management

  • Location protection & re-instatement

  • Specialist safety teams

  • Rope access teams

  • Health & safety risk assessments

  • Temporary access roads

  • Rubbish clearance

  • Power, Water and Fuel supplies

  • Lighting

  • Maps and directions

  • Weather reports

  • Sunrise & sunset times

  • Tide timetables

  • Location Equipment

  • Make-up & Costume rooms

  • Crowd holding areas

  • Tents and Marquees

  • Dining trailers

  • Welfare facilities

  • Transportation

  • Plant & equipment hire



If you are interested in or have any questions regarding our production support services,

please call 01473 365522 or email .