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Nollywood comes to Suffolk

Suffolk has been attracting a wide range of productions, be it TV metal-detecting comedies, war stories or even tales of wizards and spells. But most unexpected came the announcement that a Nollywood film was to be produced on the Suffolk-Norfolk border. We helped this production find local local cast & crew and were excited to see how this film's story was to unfold in the rural areas around Worlingworth. During the course of the shoot, we found out more about this film and had the chance to catch up with the Producer Timmy MacNicol.

Interview with Just One Blood Producer Timmy MacNicol and CEO of Fantasy Communications Ltd.

1} What was your experience shooting this feature?

It was great! Though very challenging but in the end, we pilled through. At a point I thought I wasn't going to see the end, but thanks to the patience, commitment and proficiency of the team, we made it proudly to the end. The first time such an ambitious project could be pulled together to highlight the challenges posed by youths, because of their diverse cultural backgrounds.

2} Why did you choose to film here in Suffolk?

First, I live here and I know the terrain in and out. Secondly it was this environment that influenced the story concept. beautiful countryside, Suffolk provided enabling environment. Quiet,favourable weather,farm locations, the big house in Norffolk and of course the talented cast and wonderful hard- working crew that made things possible. Without them my dream of being the first person bring Nollywood and Suffolk film industry together, to tell this amazing story of mine to light wouldn't have happen, and also the first person shooting Nollywood feature film in Suffolk.

3} What was it like working with the local cast & crew?

it was great working with the local cast and crew. For the cast, they were all established professionals with works on Television etc. It was a very easy blend with the Nollywood stars, who have built a strong industry back home. For the director, Teco Benson, his fears of the unknown was immediately allayed the moment he encountered the Suffolk Actors. The casting was done without him and he was very worried, because he has had bad experience working with green horns and newbies. My script writer Shirley day, and I have to make sure he have some good understanding and comfortable,but being the professional, he came and turned everything in a positive way. He left Suffolk with great testament and a promise to work with the actors in his future productions. For the crew, they were very experienced and committed. They really made things happen like have never seen before,they were brilliant. The director was very daring and adventurous and they played the game as if they have known each others for years. Very enjoyable set with lots of jokes and entertainment.

4} What's the scope of this film? Where are you hoping for it to go? When do you expect for it to come out?

We are planning real big for the production. we shot on 4K and we hope to be in Nigeria, the UK and all European cinemas if we are able to get good distributions, which I am optimistic about judging from the quality of work we have. We also wish to explore the festival circuit before ending up with NETFLIX, and then cable Television.

5} Can you tell us about one of the highlights during the production? Any special memory?

It was the point two of my major actors were turned back at Heathrow. I thought it was the end of world. The movie was slated to start the following day and here we are without the two important Nollywood Actors. But one thing led to the other and we were able to reach out to some London based Nollywood Actors and they came in handy and went through the script and made things happen. Now the rest is history. I am yet to get over the shock.

Thank you very much, Timmy. We can't wait to see the end result of this film.

You can also read the Eastern Daily Press article about the production HERE


"FILM Suffolk was more than helpful to my production. They were there all the time to give any support that I needed. Working together with FILM Suffolk, I must say, was the best. I wanna say a big thank you to Julien Mery for always be there for me where I wanted for anything at all.

My love, my regards and respect goes to all of FILM Suffolk. Many thanks."

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