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In 2023, we launched our latest feature film anthology project, Once Upon a Time in Suffolk, at a networking event in Ipswich. After an initial screenwriting contest, we selected 9 submissions on the theme of fairy tales, myths, legends and fables, with a contemporary twist and and a Suffolk spin. 

The selected stories are: 


We are currently in pre-production and gathering exciting momentum with assigning directors and key crew to the project. Our crowdfunding campaign is NOW LIVE and we are about to start the casting process. Keep your eyes peeled on this page and our dedicated social media channels. 

Would you like to be part of this exciting adventure? We will be looking for further crew and talent from across the East Anglian region. Sign up to our cast  & crew database to keep up to date about the next callout.

Also, we are looking for local business partners who would like to support this venture in any way. We have partnered up with businesses in the past with sponsorship opportunities, product placements and strategic partnerships for mutual benefits and increased visibility of products and services available in the region. If you are seeking to get in touch with us about this production, email us at

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About FILM Suffolk's feature projects


Once upon a Time in Suffolk is our third anthology feature film. Just like our previous two productions, With Love from Suffolk and The Haunted Hotel, this is a collaborative, regional production run from a team of volunteers, putting their combined skills and enthusiasm to create  something truly remarkable. We have reached millions of international audiences and won several prestigious award in the UK and abroad, and for this next film we are aiming even higher.....

With these productions, we aim to bring seasoned professionals from across the region together with up-and-coming talent to collaborate on a project that shines a light on the creative sector in this region. So, whether you've made your millions and are keen to give back or a newcomer that's hungry to get a foot in the door, there is something for everyone. 

As mentioned, nobody is earning any money from these productions, and all revenue generated flows directly as funds into the next production, to help pay for necessary production expenses, materials, food and insurance. Most of the value of these productions however comes from the time that contributors are giving and the many items and services we are managing to get for free for the duration of the production. The results have always surpassed people's expectations and we are confident that our next movie will continue to punch way above its weight. 


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