James Hehir building

The James Hehir Building is a six storey, 4013m² building which is a few minutes walk from the main Waterfront Building.This £21m building is home to specialist teaching facilities including clinical skills laboratories, physiology and sports science laboratories, and an iLab, as well as general teaching and study space and Cult Cafe Bar, which is open to students, staff and the general public.

The most characteristic architectural features of the new facility are its projected windows, sedum roof and a lightwell bringing natural light into the heart of the building.

The Eastern Enterprise Hub on the top floor offers access to meeting rooms including the Aquarium with its stunning view over the Ipswich Waterfront. Office or desk space can be rented by the hour, by the week or for as long as needed.


Interested in filming at the James Hehir building?

Contact us by phone 014733 365522 or email locations@filmsuffolk.org.uk.

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