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Ipswich Film Day - 15th June 2014


Dozens of local people and Ipswich residents joined this FREE event at the Ipswich Town Hall on Sunday, 15th June as part of Access All Arts​.

The Ipswich Film Day featured a full day full of screenings, workshops and demonstrations. Families, young people and adults can join in with the various activities and screenings going on in various rooms across the Town Hall. 

Come and experience:


  • FilmStars Zone

    • Film Costumes - a chance to try out various costumes and get immersed in a fantastical background using a greenscreen

    • Child Acting classes - various child acting workshops will be taking place throughout the day

    • Adult Acting training 

    • Zombie Make-up - Ever wanted to be turned into a zombie, or would like to try to turn your friend into one?


  • FilmMakers Zone

    • Animation Workshop - Get to grips with the Rostrum Camera

    • Flipbook Animation - Younger filmmakers can make their own stories move

    • Foley Studio - Recreate the sounds from famous movie scenes

    • Pitch your film idea - A chance for aspiring filmmakers to present their movie ideas and get professional feedback

    • 33-Minute Film School - from the experts at Raindance

    • Script reading - Submit your script and have actors read it out. A great chance to gain valuable feedback

    • Suffolk New College stand - Get to grips with filmmaking basics with additional stand specially geared towards games design


  • FilmFans Zone

    • Regional Shorts Reel - come and view the many films created by filmmakers in the region - You can also submit your film HERE.





We looked for SHORT FILMS shot in East Anglia to be screened at the Film Day and potentially at the Ipswich Film Theatre. More info HERE.


Have you written a script and always wondered what it would sounds like read out by actors? Many of you sent in your script (or excerpts) to be read at the LIVE SCRIPT READING. More info HERE






11.15   Child Acting Workshop (Giles Room)

11.30  Zombie Make-up Demonstration (Gallery 3)

12.00 Pitch Your Film Idea (Giles Room)

12.00 Hands-on Filmmaking Workshop (Council Chamber)

12.30  Q&A with Steven Hall - Filming Fury (Giles Room)

12.30 Adult Acting Workshop (Pickwick Room)

1.00   33-Minutes Film School - Raindance (Giles Room)

1.30   Zombie Make-up Demonstration (Gallery 3)

1.40   Selling yourself to Hollywood (Giles Room)

1.45   Child Acting Workshop (Pickwick Room)

2.00 Public Script Reading (Giles Room)

2.30 Hands-on Filmmaking Workshop (Council Chamber)

3.00 Adult Acting Workshop (Pickwick Room)



Any questions or feedback regarding this event?

Feel free to contact



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