Ipswich Town Hall

The Town Hall and the adjoining Corn Exchange was created in a typical, grand Victorian architecture style. The Town Hall and Corn Exchange now consist of 2 art galleries as well as a theater. The venue has also hosted the political debate program, Question Time. 


The Town Hall and adjoining Corn Exchange are located at the Cornhill which is in the centre of town. The Town Hall is of a grand design and typical of Victorian architecture in so far as it has an ornate frontage with interesting features including the heads of King Richard1, King John and Cardinal Wolsey, each of whom played a significant role in the history and fortunes of the town. Above the three heads are four statues in stone that represent Law, Order and Justice, Agriculture and Commerce. On top of the building is an open stonework lantern which sits on a small tower which originally had an illuminated four turret striking clock which was made by Dent clock makers London. 


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