Endeavour House

Suffolk's county hall brings the bewilderingly complex world of local government together in a single building. And it looks beautiful and works superbly – which is odd, as it was designed for an American energy company.

The building has a design suited to a corporate business and is not a regular county council hall with its glass curtain walls, cantilever walkways and offices with windows that look into the concourse. The building is split into two with a long concourse leading from the side to side with natural sunlight from a huge glass roof. The floor is pale white limestone with stairs hanging of the edge of each floor over the concourse. The main entrance hall is in the corner of the building where a large angled glass hall, of which allows tons of natural light to flood the building. In the other corner there is a smaller 2 storey cafe nestled into the open glass section, both corners are connected by the central concourse with a continuous glass roof allowing for a very large, modern and bright building.


Interested in filming at Endeavour House?

Contact us by phone 014733 365522 or email locations@filmsuffolk.org.uk.

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