Chantry Park

A public park since 1928, derived from a gentleman's seat with a house built in the 17th century and modified in both the 18th and 19th centuries, sitting in an 18th-century park with two bodies of water and adorned on the south front by a parterre.


Chantry Park lies about three kilometres west of the centre of Ipswich on the south side of the Gipping valley, on the outer edge of the town suburbs. It covers about 50 hectares and is bounded on the north by Hadleigh Road and on the south by the A1214 (historically known as Crane Hill). To the east new housing development runs right up to the park boundary and the boundary to the west is bordered by farmland. The house sits in gently undulating parkland which falls to the north, west and east from the high point of Crane Hill. This topography allows views from the west park over the Gipping valley to the north and over countryside to the west. There are also filtered views east over the park from the South Avenue towards Ipswich.


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