Breakfast of Champions



Film Suffolk, XX, XX, cordially invite you a Breakfast for Champions- a breakfast meeting to discuss the possibilities and benefits deriving from attracting more film related activities to the region of Suffolk. Ultimately the idea behind the initiative is to create a small group of Champions who are happy to support, lend their advice and help to make this idea a reality.



The film industry’s impact


The Production industry whether it be film, TV, commercials, or digital is worth £71bn a year

to the national economy, as it was recently announced by the DCMS recently. Most of this money is spent in and around the London area. Most of the money is being spent on the direct production but also on facilities, hotels, catering and locations.  


It goes without saying that recognising a location in a film creates interest to visit or return there, tell your friends to go - bottom line, it increases the awareness of the location and increases interest for it significantly. There is increasing amounts of research demonstrating that the indirect benefits of an image being seen on a screen - any type of screen - are tremendous. They can have the ability to influence visitor numbers drastically. Take for example London's Kings Cross station - it is now a place of pilgrimage for every Harry Potter fan.


A great location can benefit in terms of attracting more production, and nowadays, throughout the industry, there is a recognised acceptance that if the UK is to maintain its global reputation as of the most film friendly country’s in the world, it has to increase and maintain its skills base and knowledge. Throughout the UK more and more young people as well as established professionals are enhancing and increasing their knowledge in order to deliver on what is a fast changing digital landscape with a need for content like never before.



Suffolk as a film location


However, in this region there is a lack of coordination in terms of what is available and possible for the industry.  There is also a lack of information about production all of the way around from the benefits to what it does and how it works.  Suffolk does appear to be losing out and the Breakfast for Champions marks the beginning of an exploration that hopefully, will help to redress some of the gaps that currently exist.


We would very much like to invite you to a Breakfast Meeting which will provide you with a brief but informative presentation about the industry and also the benefits that can be derived from attracting production both directly and indirectly. We hope to create interest in this initiative and to establish a group of champions who are happy to support and lend their advice, experience and help for this good cause, that benefits us all.





The breakfast will include a brief presentation from the National Trust about the impact of a regional production on visitor numbers.


We have also invited a representative from……(Hotel) to come and talk about the benefits of film production and how it was for them.


We have invited ….a location manager to come and talk about how they work and the types of production they work on.


It will also enable Julien Mery (Film Suffolk) to talk about the work that has been done so far and also what could be possible.